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Naturally Beautiful Girl

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Splendid Nude Nymph

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Hothead Striptease

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Even if my girls don't misbehave they do get fucked like this when I as well as other males get that burning feeling to fuck like this.

12 Apr 2024, 13:37, #3307

So true Sometimes l ride my girls like a bull When they misbehave they get a whole lot of pain

20 Apr 2024, 09:47, #3908

O I'd fuck her throat while daddy rides her

23 Apr 2024, 04:25, #4113

Anonymous it is important to give pain to your girls at least every other day as this keeps them in line as I was taught. In my family this was always done going back to Serbia where they came from.

24 Apr 2024, 13:40, #4254

A lot of ass fucking went on in Serbia in the pasted

27 Apr 2024, 08:18, #4446

Not just ass fucking anonymous.

27 Apr 2024, 15:24, #4481

My cunt gets real wet everyday watching my man with his toys, going in and out, especially there dirtyhole.

27 Apr 2024, 16:40, #4491

Jenny is there anyone there to lick your cunt for you?

27 Apr 2024, 19:26, #4492

Jenny sounds like my wife.She likes me to play and loves when I use the belt to disapline

28 Apr 2024, 22:45, #4549

The belt, whip and cane are used in my family not only for discipline but for a man's pleasure using them on all females in my family anonymous.

30 Apr 2024, 12:33, #4639

So true Rick the belt is my pleasure

30 Apr 2024, 19:53, #4653

I have 6 who only use a belt to this day, and all are in their late 30's

30 Apr 2024, 21:24, #4661

Rick nice to know other men who like this lifestyle .There is nothing I haven’t done to my girls

2 May 2024, 20:22, #4802

It is nice to know you as well anonymous. There are many others like us out here but not doing any talking online. We have to watch what we say on here they will not post some things. If you feel up to it and wish to talk deeper into this, feel free to write to me at ladyinmy68@atlanticbb after bb you must hit the period key than type the word net as they will not post my complete address.

3 May 2024, 16:00, #4851

Dadys dürfen dass

17 May 2024, 22:19, #5261

Not just daddies anonymous all males in my family.

20 May 2024, 13:18, #5741

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