Angelina Dunenkova

«Angelina Dunenkova»

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Red-haired Angel

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Long-haired Girl

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Blonde bride stripping

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so sexy

20 Feb 2024, 17:26, #54

She mostly came to school naked or strip naked in the locker room when she arrived (she rarely wore clothes at school). She also sometimes masturbated during class. Between les she could masturbate or have sex in the classroom or hallway. By the way, she studied well and her photo hung on the honor board (of course, in the photo she was with naked tits), she was pleasant in communication (and sex 😏), and she didn’t mind being touched. She used notebooks with naked photos of her on the covers (and she, like other students, handed them over to teachers for checking). It is also worth remembering that she could sit in class with sperm on herself (usually on her tits and face, even on glasses, less often on her legs, shoes, hair or other places). And all this was possible because she have influential parents.

23 Feb 2024, 16:29, #281

Too bad I didn't see her naked

25 Feb 2024, 15:05, #365

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